International Journal of High Energy Physics

Aims and Scope

International Journal of High Energy Physics (ISSN Online: 2376-7448, ISSN Print: 2376-7405) a peer-reviewed open access journal published bimonthly in English-language, provides an international forum for publishing the study of the existence of particles that are the constituents of what is usually referred to as matter or radiation. The journal aims to ensure fast and efficient online publication tools to the scientific community, while keeping that community in charge of every aspect of the peer-review and publication process in order to ensure the highest quality standards in the journal.

The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:

  • Astroparticles
  • Quantum fields excitations
  • General relativity & gravitation
  • Mostly solvable models
  • Mostly weak interactions
  • Particle physics
  • Quantum field theory
  • String and brane theory
  • Symmetries
  • Underground&Large array physics
  • Collider physics
  • Gauge field theories
  • Mathematical methods of physics
  • Mostly strong interactions
  • Particle dynamics
  • Phenomenological
  • Statistical field theories
  • Supersymmetry
  • The standard model

Guidelines for preparing your manuscript can be found in the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. Once your manuscript is ready, you may proceed to the Submission page to complete the process.